Sweet Heat Gift Set


Sweet heat sets are a combination of bourbon barrel aged maple syrup and whiskey barrel aged sriracha. Both barrel aged finishing sauces are delightful when used alone yet even better when mixed together; they create a sweet and spicy glaze that’s excellent for barbecue, vegetables, and stir fry.

These sets make perfect gifts for cooks, pit masters, or any BBQ enthusiast. The best part about these sweet heat gift sets is that they come gift wrapped!

Sweet Heat Combo:

Vegan & paleo friendly, and nonalcoholic!

These products are all natural therefore sediment may be found at the bottom of the bottle. Maple syrup and sriracha must be refrigerated after opening.

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Maple finishing sauces are made of 100% pure and natural Grade A, Dark Amber maple sap harvested from American maple forests. The syrup is then aged in small batch, matured spirit barrels for up to 18 months!

Each bottle is handcrafted using the cherished recipe of time, labor, and love to create the perfect flavor every time. Every bottle is packaged by hand using exceptional care to make sure the finishing sauce delivered to you exceeds your taste expectations.

How to Use Your Sweet Heat

All sauces in your sweet heat gift set are best used as a finish or glaze when cooking. Use separately or mix together for a sweet and spicy glaze. Discover your favorite recipes for barrel aged finishing sauces here!

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Curious about our process or where the maple sap originates from? We’ve got all your questions answered on our About Us page. Because Barrel Aged Creations loves great food, people, and causes, here you will also find out more about which non-profit organizations will receive a portion of our proceeds.


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