Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged Sriracha


Rye whiskey barrel aged sriracha is aged in small batch whiskey barrels for up to 18 months! The aging takes a memorable spiciness to a twisted smoky heat.

Each bottle is handcrafted using the cherished recipe of time, labor, and love to create the perfectly bold oak flavor. Every bottle is packaged by hand using exceptional care to make sure the sriracha delivered to you exceeds your taste expectations.

Whiskey barrel aged sriracha packs heats and flavor! Use as a traditional hot sauce or mix with our bourbon barrel aged maple for a sweet heat. Mix 50/50 for a great chicken wing sauce, drizzle over pulled pork, or toss in your stir fry.

Vegan, keto & paleo friendly, and nonalcoholic!

Must be refrigerated after opening.



How to Use

Here are our some of our favorite recipes to use the whiskey barrel aged sriracha with:

Most importantly, discover your favorite recipes for whiskey barrel aged sriracha here!

Learn More

Curious about our process or where the maple sap originates from? We’ve got all your questions answered on our About Us page. Because Barrel Aged Creations loves great food, people, and causes, here you will also find out more about which non-profit organizations will receive a portion of our proceeds.


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