About Us

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Barrel Aged Creations offers an array of artisanal, signature kitchen favorites.

We believe in keeping things simple and as close to nature as possible. The barrel aging process creates unique infused flavors in pure maple syrup, sriracha and balsamic vinegar. Our offering includes the traditional spirited flavors as well as specialties ones like coffee, bacon, and chai tea.

Our Why

Barrel Aged Creations believes in investing in great people and great products. Our focus is on connecting exceptional goods to consumers that will offer them a WOW experience. We also feel it’s even more important to invest, through giving, in non-profit organizations who are family-oriented, community focused, and chose to better our nation.

"Creating community one bite at a time."

It’s All About Family & Sustainability

From sourcing maple sap to delivering a finished product, all of the working hands that help produce these artisanal items are from US based, family businesses. Our maple is sourced from a 3rd generation family farm in the deep, dark woods of Pennsylvania. Our criteria for sap to syrup must fall in the Grade A, Dark Amber category. For maple aficionados this was once referred to as Grade B or the late harvest.

The late harvest produces an absolutely undeniable robust flavor. This makes it the perfect option for cooking! There are added wellness benefits to using a late harvest, most notably the nutrient (iron, manganese, & zinc) and antioxidant content increases. 

The aging process then allows us to leverage the work of a three-fold family business. First Bluebird Distilling starts by using American oak barrels to craft their signature liquors. Once the distillery bottles their bourbon, whiskey, and rum the barrels are immediately filled with the maple syrup, sriracha, and balsamic vinegar to being the aging process. We refer to this process as a labor of love since these barrels will age for up to 18 months! During this time, the contents will be sampled until the taste profile has been perfected by time alone. Bottling begins again for the ultimate barrel aged product. 

Finally, the oak barrels that survived the distilling and aging processes can be up-cycled to their final destiny, furniture. A father-daughter-son team hand crafts, much like the liquor and barrel aged products, the reclaimed oak into stunning household pieces.

Who We Support

Back2Basics Outdoor Ministries

Back2Basics believes in inspiring others by practicing Christian values in the great outdoors which results in positive life experiences.

Their great commission is to reach the unreached, educate the curious, motivate the committed, and inspire the convicted towards discipleship. It’s our obligation as Christians to spark an individual’s inner desire of wanting to make a difference by impacting their lives. One of Back2Basics’s focus areas in achieving this is through relationship building which sharpens discipleship skillsets naturally.